Art Sale

Welcome to our end of the summer art sale! Below you will find photographs by Teysha and paintings by Turner. Everything you see was created during our last 5 months of travel. You’ll find pieces as low as $20 and up. Each sale gets us a little further down the road. If you don’t see something you love but want to still support us, just hit the donate button and buy us a cup of joe or a tank of gas!


Happy High Thistles • Victor, Idaho

Happy High Thistles • Victor, Idaho

from 75.00

I always think “Thistle” would be a great name for a kid if it weren’t for its bad connotations. These thistles in particular are perfect in their spikiness and purpleyness, what more could you want?

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All photographs are unframed and printed with a white border. The size listed is the size of the paper. You can buy a frame that size and simply pop the photo in! Mockup photo shows a 16 x 20 inch frame.